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Diet Downfall to Avoid

Timeless Nutrition Tip

Many of us feel sure we are vigilant regarding what we eat, but new research shows forgotten nibbling could undermine your diet success.

Stolen bits and tastes such as a handful of M and M's or a few tastes of that favorite cookie dough can rack up a few hundred calories, which in turn can put on pounds quickly.

Eating while distracted can cause this forgotten nibbling, also. So if this is forgotten nibbling, how do we stop ourselves?

Avoid eating when your mind is elsewhere. Eliminate unnecessary distractions (turn off the radio or set aside the book). Here are a few other ways to prevent mindless-munching.

Munchies Diet Downfall to Avoid

  • A coworker baked scrumptious banana bread for your morning meeting. Take one slice and set it aside to savor when you are back at your desk. If you eat during the meeting, it would be easy to have a slice and a half, or more.
  • While cooking or baking, chew gum. You have to take it out of your mouth to sample your cooking so you realize what you are doing.
  • Avoid "cleaning-up" your kid's meals. Don't serve as much to start as you can always offer seconds. The minute your kids finish eating, wrap up or toss what is left. (But don't toss it in your mouth!)
  • Watching TV - Keep your hands busy by knitting, filing your nails, or playing solitaire or some other hand-held game.

Drowning a Diet?

Beware the stealth calories in sugary juices and sodas if you're trying to lose weight -- they add up fast, and have little nutritional value. Even 100 percent fruit juice, which is packed with lots of great nutrients, can give you much more sugar than you bargained for. Choose water, flavored seltzer, vegetable juices and skim milk instead. Save soda for an occasional treat. Choose fresh fruit over high-calorie fruit juice for loads of fiber and much less sugar.

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