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Six Top Rated Vegetables Anyone Can Grow

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Quick Facts on Six Top Rated Vegetables Anyone Can Grow

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  • Broccoli - The best source of sulforaphanes, which may help fight cancer. Broccoli leaves are similar to collard greens. Young, tender leaves are the best to eat as older, tougher leaves can develop a bitter taste.
  • Carrots - Eaten two or three times a week, carrots may help lower risk for certain cancers. In addition, drinking carrot juice lowers LDL, the "bad" cholesterol. Beta-Carotene gives carrots their vivid orange color.
  • Celery - Can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol due to a component called phthalides. Celery belongs to the same family of plants as carrots, parsley, fennel, caraway and anise.
  • Lettuce - Two cups of romaine supply 45-percent of the Daily Value for vitamin C. A cinch to grow from seed, even an inexperienced gardener can enjoy success.
  • Onions and Scallions - Onions have been linked to the reduction of cancer risk and asthma symptoms in certain individuals. As these plants get older and more mature, they get spicer and more pungent.
  • Peppers, Sweet - Red and yellow peppers are extra-rich in vitamin C. Let peppers mature fully on the vine for deep, intense flavor.

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