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Goodies for Your Diet

Timeless Nutrition Tip

Eat a cookie, lose an inch? Yes! Research now shows there is a host of formerly "forbidden" diet foods that could very well be your best diet allies. Good news, indeed! Here are the top foods and why they can help you on your diet:

Peanut butter (See article: Peanut Butter Protection) helps suppress the appetite up to two hours, which in turn helps you stick to your diet.

Olive Oil
Like peanuts, olive oil makes you feel satisfied longer, making it easier to stick to a fat-restricted diet. Suggestion: Roast your vegetables in olive oil at dinner and avoid the ice cream later!

The high amount of fiber in an apple also helps curb the appetite. The fiber absorbs water that fills up the stomach and in addition, helps your body absorb less fat during a meal.

Red and Green Apples are Goodies for Your diet

Cereal: Regular cereal eaters take in more fiber and less fat overall than non-cereal eaters. Forget the bagels and/or French toast - grab a bowl of cereal, instead! (But watch the sugary ones, of course).

Chocolate Chip Cookies

When you try not to eat all those foods you love, it is akin to trying not to breath! So have a chocolate chip cookie here and there.

It is now proven that avoiding deprivation of all good foods is more harmful to a diet than enjoying your favorite cookie or piece of candy here and there. Do try to keep your treat to 150 calories or less, however. (This is equal to two Chips Ahoy cookies).

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