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Whole Grains Vital Role

Timeless Nutrition Tip

Whole grains play a vital role in nutrition for the young and not-so-young in three distinct ways:

Whole Grains Vital Role in Pasta

  1. They help you feel full longer, which may prevent over-eating.
  2. They improve how well your body metabolizes sugar.
  3. 3. They are gold mines of protective compounds that otherwise get stripped away when the grain is processed to make white flour.

Suggested whole-grain snacks:

  • Make cereal a treat: Toss whole grain cereals such as Cheerios, Wheaties, Shredded Wheat and Toasted Oatmeal Squares with nuts and dried fruit.
  • Popcorn: Choose air-popped, low-fat, or no-fat microwave versions. Each 1-cup serving provides 4g of whole grain fiber.
  • Disguise healthy whole wheat pasta by serving with this quick, calcium-rich cream sauce:
    Plain yogurt or low-fat ricotta cheese stirred into warmed (not boiled) tomato sauce.
  • Grab an English muffin
  • If whole wheat bread goes stale in your house, try whole grain English muffins.

Getting Your Whole Grains Every Day

Foods you can add to your diet to help you get your grains:

  1. 1. Whole grain cereal
  2. 2. When making pancakes or waffles, replace one-half the flour with whole-wheat flour
  3. 3. Wrap some vegetables and low/fat-free cheese in a corn or whole wheat tortilla
  4. 4. Add brown rice to your favorite salad or soup
  5. 5. Top whole wheat pita bread with tomato sauce, vegetables and low/fat-free cheese
  6. 6. Snack on whole wheat breadsticks
  7. 7. Serve low fat whole wheat bagel chips with cheese dip
  8. 8. When dining out, ask for whole wheat rolls and breads as meal accompaniments

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