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Good Snack Indicators

Timeless Nutrition Tip

Because Americans are becoming more health conscious, food manufacturers have started creating healthier versions of snack foods that are lower in both sodium and fat.

Good Snack Indicators

If you're on a restricted diet, it's not too difficult to find a version of your favorite snack food. Here are some things to look for on the front of the packages:

  • Fat free - less than a half gram of fat per serving
  • Low fat - three or fewer grams of fat per serving
  • Light - one-third fewer calories or half the fat of the regular
  • Low sodium - 140 or fewer milligrams of sodium per serving
  • Lightly salted - at least 50 percent less sodium than the regular
  • Reduced - at least 25 percent less fat, sodium, or calories than the regular

Whether it's a mid-morning, mid-afternoon or evening, be sure your snack provides protein and, ideally, fiber to keep you satisfied. Try also to keep calories at 150 or less.

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