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Diet War on Heart Disease

Timeless Nutrition Tip

Healthy foods to fight a diet war on heart disease

A diet low in saturated fat and rich in fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products can double-up your fight against heart and blood vessel disease. It can reduce high blood pressure as much as medication can in many cases. It can also reduce levels of artery damaging homocysteine.

High blood pressure and high homocysteine levels are major risk factors for the number one killer of Americans. Country Life Calcium-Magnesium Complex provides 1000 mg of calcium, 500 mg of magnesium and 500 mg of phosphorus in two convenient tablets. These nutrients plus potassium are plentiful in fruits, vegetables and dairy, helping to lower blood pressure.

Folate and other B vitamins found in this diet can help to lower levels of homocysteine.

The B Complex Vitamins# help to maintain the health of the nerves, skin, eyes, hair, and mouth.

Because a deficiency in one B vitamin usually means a deficiency in another, it is important that the B vitamins be taken together. Many of the B complex vitamins assist in metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

They are also key ingredients in the production of red blood cells.

Heart Health Meal Plan Freebie - 6 Page PDF Download

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