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Fruit and Cheese for Dessert?

Timeless Nutrition Tip

"I'll have dessert. Please pass the fruit and cheese!"

Fruit and Cheese for Dessert?

This is becoming a dinner phenomenon on menus from Manhattan to San Francisco.

The idea originated in Europe; the cheese course usually consists of four to six different varieties that range in texture from soft to hard and in taste from mild to sharp.

Okay, isn't cheese high in fat and cholesterol? Well, yes it is, but the benefits of cheese are often overlooked in society's obsession with fat.

Cheese is a great source of protein and calcium - important for both men and women. The key here is to simply eat the cheese sensibly.

In addition, when you take samples of cheese, which is usually how big the pieces are on a fruit and cheese plate, you are less likely to over-indulge. A healthy, safe amount would equal a slice or two of each of the cheeses on the plate - not exceeding four ounces per sitting. Four ounces is equal to about the size of a glasses case. (Length, not the height!)

One more note - by eating the cheese with fruit, you are probably getting a more well-rounded bunch of nutrients than you did in your dinner! The benefits derived from the fruit far outweigh any negatives from the cheese.

Suggestion: Put this into practice as an occasional light lunch.

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