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A Diverse Diet

Timeless Nutrition Tip

A diverse diet, such as a multi-course meal, keeps you from getting tired of the taste of food so you tend to eat and weigh more. Or to put that another way, eating the same foods over and over could make you bored with those foods and as a result, you may eat less of them!

Multi Course Meals for a Diverse Diet

In a recent study, participants who were given a four-course meal of sausages, bread and butter, chocolate dessert and bananas ate 44-percent more than those who were limited to the same food - in one case, yogurt, for each course.

Still, even a small decrease in diet variety can help your waistline. Instead of having potato chips, ice cream, cookies and candy in your home, pick one.

Don't go overboard

The monotony of a tuna sandwich for lunch every day might just drive you to buffet-style overindulging. Plus, eating the same foods over and over isn't really good for you - you should mix in different fruits and vegetables, etc.

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