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Eat Your Beans!

Timeless Nutrition Tip

Lower Heart Disease Risk

People who eat beans regularly have a lower incidence of heart disease compared to those who eat beans less than one a week.

Eat Your Beans

Ways to Eat Your Beans

  • Opt for a bean burrito when you eat fast food.
  • Buy low-fat or non-fat canned refried beans and make a batch of burritos. Wrap each individually and freeze for ready-to-microwave lunches.
  • Choose bean soups.
  • Sprinkle beans on salads. Or make a bean salad using several varieties of your favorite beans.

While they are best known for their exceptionally high fiber content, beans also provide a good source of vegetable protein, along with folate and iron.

Beans are often thought of as a side dish; however, they make excellent meat free entrees. You don't have to be vegetarian to reap the benefits of legumes -- start slowly, eating beans instead of meat twice a week.

The Twelfth-Night Bean (Folklore)

The tradition of the bean and pea came from medieval France. If you got the bean, you were crowned King of the Bean and everyone had to do as you directed. It's said that Mary Queen of Scots brought the custom to England, and added the pea. Whoever got the pea shared the throne with the king. Other items were also be hidden in the cake: if you got a clove, you were a rogue; if a twig, you'd best look to your spouse's virtue; if a bit of rag, your morals might be in question. The finding of these items sparked plenty of jokes and laughter.

P.S. Beans are frugal, too!

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