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Emotional Eater Quiz

Timeless Nutrition Tip

Take this very quick and very short quiz to find out if you're guilty of emotional eating. Remember how many "yes's" you have and how many "no's"; results are right below.

Take the emotional eater quiz

The Emotional Eating Quiz

  1. I turn to food when faced with hurt, disappointment, rejection, boredom or loneliness.
  2. I cannot stop eating even when my stomach feels full.
  3. With the stress of always being on the run, I eat more junk food than I should.
  4. When I am upset, I crave sweets or chips or other "munchies".
  5. When eating with friends, I tend to overeat. It is difficult for me to separate the camaraderie from the meal itself!
  6. When I overeat, I rarely even enjoy the food. I then feel guilty and eat even more.

Quiz Answers & Results

If you answered "True" to so much as one of these statements, you are probably an emotional eater.

Emotional eating is an all-to-common coping mechanism many use to deal with stress, anger, boredom, loneliness or frustration. The next time you find yourself perusing the cupboard for something to eat, stop and ask yourself "Am I feeding my body or feeding my feelings?"

To break this self-destructive habit, learn to recognize what triggers your hunger and do your best to handle it with more productive means.

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