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Doubts About Soy

Timeless Nutrition Tip

An on-going study currently under way to determine if women are now over-doing it on soy currently has no verified information on just what soy can do to the body in large doses.

Doubts about soy

Meanwhile, soy's cancer-fighting ability is in doubt: Research now suggests that soy in high quantities may promote rather than prevent breast cancer. The problem, experts say, may be the isoflavones in soy. They have weak estrogen-like effects, and some breast cancers feed off estrogen.

Jar of Nayonaise

If you have learned to enjoy soy and its potential benefits, it is now recommended you do not have more than one serving per day. This would be equivalent to about eight ounces of soy milk.

Soy pops up in many products. The obvious are tofu, miso, bean curd, plus there is the following.

  • Soy milk.
  • Soy cheese.
  • Soy mayonnaise (such as Nayonaise).
  • Soy yogurt.
  • Soy burgers.
  • Soy tacos.

Why, soy is even found in some baby formulas. Watch food labels if you're concerned.

It is further recommended you stay away from all soy supplements that contain high doses of isoflavones. There simply is not enough information about them.

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