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Alcohol A Calorie-Dense Liquid

Timeless Nutrition Tip

Alcohol is produced when yeasts process certain sugars; therefore, it is a calorie-dense liquid.

Alcohol contains almost twice as many calories as carbohydrates and proteins, yielding seven calories for every gram consumed.

Christmas Eggnog

Facts About Alcohol's Calorie Content

Alcohol A Calorie-Dense Liquid

1. Unlike protein, fat, and carbohydrates, alcohol is not an essential nutrient. In large doses, alcohol can cause malnutrition by preventing nutrients from being absorbed by the body.

2. Alcohol affects areas of the brain, as well. It numbs the brain's emotion and decision-governing centers first. Muscle control centers are then affected, followed by attacks on the breathing and heartbeat centers. For more information on how alcohol can cause damage, see Effects of a Hangover.

So please, enjoy your holidays, but go easy on the alcohol! If you do over-indulge from time to time, consider a dietary supplement to ward off the hangover symptoms. We suggest PreToxx for Hangovers , which can help as follows.

  • Taken just once before drinking helps prevent hangover symptoms.
  • Now contains prickly pear extract and milk thistle
  • Contains all-natural ingredients in a time-release formula.
  • Guaranteed to reduce hangover symptoms.
  • Helps support a healthy liver when taken daily.

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