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Is your job adding to your weight problems?

Timeless Nutrition Tip

In an issue of Fitness magazine, this question is posed and identifies five incriminating factors that could mean job related weight problems.

Is your job adding to your weight problems?

  1. Mindless nibbling. Treats tempt people to overeat out of boredom or habit. See: Mindless Munching or Mindful Eating?
  2. High-tech living. Technology means you never have to leave your chair
  3. Shrinking lunch hour. Lunch is a sandwich gobbled in five minutes. Later, you nosh.
  4. Stress eating. Job stress leads to cravings of high-carbohydrate foods such as chocolate and cookies.


Monitor every morsel you put into your mouth. (Grab a Free Printable Food Diary from our blog).

Try to incorporate as much movement into your daily routine. You surely know the one - take the stairs. Or the other popular one, park further away from you destination. Every little bit - or step - does add up. Try to put these things into practice until they become a habit.

In addition:

  • Try not to work while you eat your lunch
  • Eat protein and carbs to stave off hunger.
  • Keep low-calorie snacks handy.
  • Choose restaurants that serve lighter fare, or try eating an appetizer as your meal.

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