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Ten Things to do Instead of Overeating

Timeless Nutrition Tip

1. Call your best friend.

One of ten things to do instead of overeating

2. Go for a brisk walk.

Writing a letter 3. Write a letter to an old friend.

4. Give yourself a pedicure.

5. Read a book to a child.

6. Rekindle an old friendship.

7. Take a few minutes to breathe slowly.

8. Close your eyes and picture yourself at your weight goal.

9. Write in a journal - or start one!

Best for last...

10. Call a friend and pace around while you talk - exercise while enjoying a good old-fashioned chat session!

Chewing Gum

If you visit the candy machine, sticking with gum may help you control calories calories. At 5 - 10 calories a sugar-free stick, it's a good alternative to hard candy, which is loaded with sugar and can contain up to 50 calories per little piece. And how many of us ever stop at one? One more bonus: Getting your jaw moving to chew burns about 12 extra calories per hour!

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