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Stop Snacking after 7 PM

Timeless Nutrition Tip

A recent study of overweight people found that more than half ate 70 percent of their daily calories after 7 PM - mostly as health-busting foods high in fat, sugar and calories .

Try these tips if you find yourself in this group:

Store food out of sight. Clear supper leftovers, empty candy dishes and remove snacks except fruit from countertops.

Stop Snacking After 7 PM Defeat cravings with an egg timer. Wait five to ten minutes to see if your snack attack simply passes. Work up to 15 to 20 minutes.

Brush your teeth. Then you may not care to "dirty them up" again only to have to brush them again.

Take a walk. Even if it's just 10 minutes. It's a mood-booster, too and can speed up a little calorie burning that lasts a while.

Soak in a relaxing bath. Can soothe stress which can alleviate intense food cravings.

Go to bed. If all else fails, an early bedtime takes you out of temptation's way and rewards you with extra sleeping time.

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