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Calculating Fat Content

Timeless Nutrition Tip

Isn't it sometimes tricky to calculate exactly how much fat per serving you're eating when all you know, based on the food label, is that eight percent of the standard 2,000-calorie allotment is fat?

Calculating Fat Content How does this translate when you just want to eat one serving of that tasty lasagna?

Once you know the formula, its pretty simple.

The Formula

  • Multiply 2,000 calories by eight percent (2,000 x .08 = 160). In other words, of those 2,000 calories, 160 come from fat.
  • Translating this into grams of fat is also relatively easy. Because we know that one gram of fat provides nine calories, divide 160 by nine (160 / 9 = 17.78).
  • Therefore, one serving of that lasagna measures out to 17.78 grams of fat.

Calculate Fat Content Infographic

Calculating Fat Content Infographic

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