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Simple Steps to Avoid Food Borne Illness

Timeless Nutrition Tip

A short, concise simple to learn and follow list of safety tips that will help you avoid food borne illness.

Keep cold foods cold and hot food hot. Not complying with this simple rule is the leading cause of all food-borne illnesses. Cold food should be kept at 40-degrees or cooler. All perishable foods should be chilled until serving time. Hot foods should be kept at 140-degrees. Pack an instant-read thermometer for outdoor eating and/or picnics to monitor food temperatures.

Pack one cooler for frequently used foods and drinks and another for perishable foods like meats. The constant opening of a cooler prevents foods from staying chilled.

Simple Steps to Avoid Food Borne Illness

Always double-wrap raw poultry, fish or meats to make sure juices do not leak and contaminate other foods. If you have to travel a distance with your food, freeze these items and place them in a cooler, frozen. This will slow the thaw considerably.

Marinate meats safely and cook meat, fish and poultry thoroughly. Always thaw and marinate meats, poultry and seafood in the refrigerator, not at room temperature. Dry rubs for meat, fish or poultry are preferable to wet marinades to minimize chance of contamination. Do not partially cook food to finish grilling later. Bacteria grow faster in partially cooked foods.

Bacteria grow rapidly at warm temperatures so toss any leftover perishables such as potato salad and lunch meat. Do not try to serve them a second time.

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