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Slim Down Summertime Cookouts

Timeless Nutrition Tip

Following are three quick tips on how you can easily slim down your summertime cookouts without losing fun or flavor.

Slim Down Summertime Cookouts

1. Significantly reduce the fat in marinades by replacing all but one tablespoon of oil with fat-free broth or mild flavored fruit and vegetable juices.

2. Buy healthier franks made from turkey or chicken instead of the usual high-fat beef and pork hot dogs. Or, if you love the beef - we relate - buy the lean, all-beef varieties of weiners and be sure the package states "NO fillers".

3. For fat-free flavor, use wood chips that are available in most specialty food stores. Soak them in water before placing them over hot coals. Try:

  • Alder for seafood and poultry.
  • Apple for vegetables.
  • Hickory for beef.

If you have never used these flavors before, consider purchasing a Charcoal Companion Hickory, Mesquite and Apple Wood Chip Sampler Pack.

Slim Down Meats

  • Trim visible fat from meats and remove the skin from poultry before eating.
  • Bake, BBQ, broil, microwave, poach, or roast instead of frying.
  • When you roast, place the meat on a rack so the fat can drip away.

Most of all, enjoy yourself!

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