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Forgotten Fiber

Timeless Nutrition Tip

There is so much talk about fat and calories , fiber does tend to get neglected. It is important to get enough fiber in your diet - the recommended intake is 30g daily.

Berries contain forgotten fiber

A high fiber diet can help flush cholesterol out of your body before it is able to enter your bloodstream. Fiber also protects against chronic illnesses such as heart disease.

There are two types of fiber, soluble, the one responsible for flushing out the cholesterol, and insoluble, which speeds the transit of foods through your intestines. This helps prevent ingested carcinogens from entering your blood. Along with flushing out cholesterol, fiber can also remove vital nutrients. You can avoid this by eating nutrient dense high fiber foods.

Farro for Fiber

Also known as emmer wheat, farro (triticum dicoccon) is the Italian name for this hulled ancient mother grain that gave rise to modern wheat. Often confused with spelt they are two distinct, though closely related grains. Armed with more than twice the protein and fiber of modern wheat, each grain of farro packs a nutritious punch.

Eat Fruit and Vegetable Skins

Edible skins of fruits and vegetables and seeds (berries, tomatoes, sunflower seeds) are all good sources of natural fiber. Drink plenty of water, too. Water helps fiber do its job. Four to six 8-ounce glasses a day are recommended.

Forgotten fiber foods

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