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Veggie Burgers on the Grill

Timeless Nutrition Tip

Have some hard to please healthy eaters or those of you watching your weight and trying to eat healthier who would like to see veggie burgers offered at your next cookout?

Man Grilling over Fire

These are disposable sensors. There are four types available - poultry, beef, hamburger, and fish. You insert one into your meat for a mere five seconds and the thin plastic sensor changes color, letting you know if your meat or poultry has reached a safe serving temperature. The beef sensors alsoallow you to gauge rare, medium or well done.

Meatless burgers are low in fat, fiber-filled and packed with good-for-you soy protein. Be the host or hostess with the "mostness" with healthy options for your finicky or dieting guests.

The most popular choices in meatless burgers, also known as veggie burgers, for the grill are as follows.

  • Morningstar Farms: Grillers, Spicy Black Bean.
  • Boca Burgers: Grilled Vegetable, Salsa, Roasted Onion.
  • Gardenburger: Flame Grilled, LifeBurger, Sauteed Onion.

You can find these in the frozen food section of natural food stores and in supermarkets nations wide.

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