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Ten Tips for Good Grilling

Timeless Nutrition Tip

Whether electricity, gas, or good old charcoal briquettes fuel your grill, here are ten tips to increase your grilling prowess.

Grilling Hot Dogs

Ten Tips for Good Grilling

 1. Clean the grill rack of any encrusted food every time you grill.

 2. Moisten a cloth with olive oil and rub it on the grill rack just before heating the grill.

 3. Preheat the rack four to five inches above the coals or heating element for fifteen minutes before cooking.

 4. Dry your meat or fish with paper towels, dispose, then lightly rub or spray with olive oil before placing on the grill.

 5. Grill fish or meat over a medium hot fire to brown while cooking to ensure it is cooked thoroughly.

 6. When grilling fish fillets, grill flesh side down first (with the exception of snapper fillets, which curl when turned) to create a golden-brown surface for serving.

 7. To avoid sticking and tearing, brown and lightly crust before moving.

 8. If you like a smoky flavor to your fish, cover the grill while cooking so the smoke penetrates the fillets.

 9. Cooking time is determined by the thickness of the meat or fish you are cooking. 1/2 to 3/4 inch thickness requires five to eight minutes with the exception of brats. Those require a much longer cooking time and must be done thoroughly for safety.

10. If a fillet or steak is translucent, or very pink, when cut into at its thickest part it is not done.

Grilling Fish

Ten Tips for Good Grilling If you enjoy grilling fish and a recipe calls for red snapper or tuna fillets but none are available to you, there are substitutions:

  • Red Snapper: Bass, Catfish, Cod or Scrod, or similar fish such as Hake and Haddock, Flounder or Sole, Grouper, Halibut, Monkfish, Orange Roughy, Perch, Trout
  • Salmon: Arctic Char, Mahi Mahi, Shad, Steelhead, Tuna
  • Tuna: Arctic Char, Mahi, Mahi, Pompano, Salmon, Shad, Trout.

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