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Keep a Food Diary

Timeless Nutrition Tip

People who are vigilant about keeping a food diary are usually the most successful in losing and keeping weight off, meeting nutritional needs, and spotting deficiency in their diets.

Writing down what you eat forces you to evaluate your choices and to avoid food temptations.

Freebies: Two Printable Food Diaries

Keep a Food Diary Daily Food Diary I

Daily Food Diary II

Gaining control over what you eat is a huge step in improving body composition, wellness, and fitness. But don't over look the most important factor. That is, be honest with yourself. Write down every single nibble that crosses your lips.

Tips to Keep a Food Diary

  • Write down EVERYTHING you eat or drink, including vitamin-mineral supplements and medications.
  • Record the time you ate or drank.
  • Record food immediately so you don't forget what you've eaten.
  • Be honest. Don't beat yourself up for overindulgence or eating "comfort foods."
  • Be specific. Write down cooking method, brand names, amount, and ingredients in foods such as sandwiches or salads.
  • Record any feelings related to eating or any obstacles you face when making your food choices.

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