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Better Eating Habits

Timeless Nutrition Tip

The first bit of knowledge one needs in the quest to lose weight is that the best way is slowly.

You need to focus on eating in such a way that in time the improved eating habits will allow you the ability to reach a desirable weight that can be maintained indefinitely and will be the least "painful" as possible.

Things You Can Do to Develop Better Eating Habits

  1. Increase exercise. Not always easy, but a fact if you are to be successful at losing weight in manageable manner.
  2. Avoid what is commonly known as empty calories such as excess sugars and alcohol.
  3. Try to watch your portion size. Slowly reduce it and train yourself to think twice before taking that second helping.
  4. Try to focus more on low calorie foods such as vegetables, salads and fruits.
  5. Support. It can be so beneficial to join either a support group, or have a family member be there for you to support. They can encourage your efforts and you can talk to this person when you slip up or are having difficulties.
  6. Include a large variety of foods in your diet. This will help prevent the monotony of eating the same foods which can become very discouraging.
  7. Do your best to give up fried foods. Fried foods can dramatically be coined as a killer to your health and to your efforts. Consider grabbing our Oven Frying for a Healthy Heart eBook.
  8. Broccoli for breakfast, orange juice before bed, apple chips with dinner. It is really okay to be unconventional in your choices. Your body welcomes the nutrients anytime.
  9. When beginning a new diet seek your doctor's advice and approval.

5 Easy Nutrition Tips

Improving your nutrition does not have to be difficult. Start with one of the following suggestions.

  1. Keep a bowl of fresh fruit available. If it's there, you're more likely to eat it.
  2. Eat breakfast. Spreading your food intake over the day is the best way to burn calories.
  3. Plan ahead for routine meals and snacks. People who eat regular meals get a more balanced, healthier diet and are closer to their goal weights.
  4. Pack your lunch the night before. If you don't eat breakfast or pack a lunch because you rush too much in the morning, set everything up the night before.

Fast Food Fixes

Try apples with fat-free caramel dip, brocco-flowers with low-fat ranch dressing, carrots with peanut butter, or tomato slices topped with a little olive oil and grated Parmesan cheese.

If you practice the above suggestions faithfully but still are having difficulty shedding pounds, you may need nutritional intervention or a diet aid. As to your eating habits, a doctor can give you some good, safe dietary counsel based on your personal needs.

Plant Based High Protein Snacks

Does the perfect high protein snack exist? Only plant based foods have fiber. Protein will be from a plant source if you are looking for a single food to do the job. The legume is probably your best choice, so something such as roasted soy beans would make a great high protein, high fiber snack.

However, plenty of combination foods or combinations of foods could also fill your needs. For example, many sports bars on the market are high in both protein and fiber, for example, the Clif Bar. You can make your own fast, high protein and high-fiber snacks too. Following are some ideas that fit the bill.

  • Hummus spread on whole-wheat crackers or a whole-grain bagel.
  • A quick bowl of whole-grain cereal with milk and berries.
  • Peanut butter on apple slices.
  • Homemade bran muffins made with milk and eggs.
  • A fruit smoothie made with plain yogurt and fruits.
  • Celery dipped in low-fat cottage cheese.
  • Yogurt sprinkled with granola.

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