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Obesity: Childhood Epidemic

Timeless Health Tip

American children are getting heavier by the year. About one out of every five children are now grossly overweight. At a time when America is giving away foods by the truckloads - literally - they are also complaining about weight CONSTANTLY. Something is amiss and the children are not to blame.

Obesity a childhood epidemic

There are several medical conditions that may cause childhood obesity and these should be ruled out first, before making any other "judgment calls", of course. If it is determined that a child is overweight because of lifestyle factors, parents can work with their kids to learn healthier habits.

One other matter needs to be addressed; however, it's one no medical expert or physician can answer for me. Many, MANY children go through a "chubby" or even downright "fat" stage during their young years and as they grow up, they grow out of it thanks to "mother nature". Yet we cannot find any standards for even trying to determine if this could be the case in any given child. I watched it happen to my own brother - and he ate like a horse and hasn't yet stopped and he is now over 50!

What can be done about this? To help solve the problem, it helps to understand the many possible causes for the increasing number of overweight children in our country. In most cases, overweight children are probably affected by a number of factors including genetics, lifestyle habits, and food choices. Fast food is an easy meal quick fix for today's busy parents. But it may not be the best option for your children, unless you try to pick the healthier options most now offer.

Make sure kids participate in a sport or other physical activity they enjoy. Serve kids healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables and limit the quantity of junk foods they eat.

Here is another idea - pull out the jump ropes and jump rope with your kids! Jumping rope is still a great cardiovascular activity that burns calories, tones the arms and legs and increases coordination. You can even purchase a jump rope that counts the number of calories you are burning while jumping! Recommended: #1 Rated Jump Rope for Cardio Fitness . No kinking, tangling or bending like the usual PVC and leather jump ropes. Easily adjusted. Lightning speed 10 foot cable rope made with durable wire assembly, built to withstand heavy use. This jump rope comes in a one size fits all adjustable length for best results.

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