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Lefties Tend to Have Better Memory

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If you're from a family whose members tend to be left-handed, odds are you have better episodic memory than those who are oriented to the right.

The findings may also explain why kids don't remember events until they're about four. It's at that age that the fibers connecting the brain halves fully develop. It seems to hold true even in people who are right-handed but who have relatives who are lefties.

Lefties Tend to Have Better Memory Two types of memory are involved, episodic, or the recall and recognition of events, and non-episodic, or factual memory and implicit memory. Left-handed relatives have superior episodic memory and inferior implicit memory to those with right-handed relatives.

It is believed that since the two hemispheres work together to help people remember events, those with left-handedness in their families remember events better than they remember facts.

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