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Comfort Food

Timeless Health Tip

Smile and indulge in a little comfort food!

A study shows us that 86-percent of people turn to comfort food when they are happy - not just when distraught, as commonly believed.


Defining Comfort Food

Eating a fried chicken leg for a comfort food There are so many variables to defining comfort food that really boils down to personal preferences; however, some generalities can be made. Comfort foods are usually foods that remind people of home and family, a particularily special or memorable event, etc. If, as a child, you were "rewarded" for good behavior with cookies and milk, you may see this as a comfort food, because it relates to a positive experience.

Perhaps you have a pleasant memory of being with a group of friends, snacking on chips and dip while laughing and sharing a good time. Chips and dip can easily become a favorite comfort food then because it relates to a good time, a happy memory.

Some people see an entire meal as a comfort food. For example, mom's country fried chicken and mashed potatoes meal, always served on a pleasant, relaxing Sunday for dinner, where the family gathered round and enjoyed a satisfying, home cooked meal together.

People between the ages of 18 to 34 said they turned to ice-cream and cookies while those between 34 and 54 preferred soup and pasta. Those older than 54 went for soup and mashed potatoes.

Women were more likely to reach for snack foods and sweets, while men looked to hot meals for comfort.

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