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Healthier Treats for Halloween

Timeless Health Tip

Instead of the traditional sugar-laden treats, hand out one of these healthier alternatives Halloween night.

Healthier Treats for Halloween Heart

Spare Change - Convert the money you would have spent on candy into nickels or dimes. Pile them in a bowl and let the children scoop them up with a small spoon.

Toys - Small plastic figurines, erasers, stickers, pencils, and other non-edible items are always welcomed by the younger crowd. Of course, be alert to items that could pose a choking danger to very little children.

Halloween Smile Healthier Sweets - This could include sugarless bubblegum made with natural flavorings, or individually wrapped cookies and candies sweetened with fruit juice (available at health food stores).

Hundred calorie snack packs , readily available in many things ... cookies, snacks, etc. Just best to avoid anything refrigerated for obvious reasons. Those little cheese and cracker snacks that do not require being kept cool are a good idea, though.

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