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Top Ten Worst Foods For Kids

Timeless Health Tip

Parents magazine compiled the top ten worst foods for kids. They are:

Young Boy Eating Lunch

1. Chicken Nuggets (bursting with fat )

2. Chips (mostly fat, sodium and empty calories)

3. Doughnuts (packed with saturated fat and trans-fatty acids)

4. French Fries (high in fat, few vitamins)

5. Fruit leather (no resemblance to fresh fruit)

6. Hot dogs (high in fat and sodium, also a choking hazard for kids 3 and under)

7. Juice-flavored drinks (most no more than 10-percent juice; even those with apple, pear or grape concentrate have negligible nutrients)

8. Prepackaged lunches (high in saturated fat and sodium, packed with sugary treats, nutritionally unbalanced)

9. Soda (regular flavors high in sugar, too often replaces milk)

10. Toaster Pastries (a lot of fat, not much fruit)

Top 10 Worst Foods for Kids

A Note on Snacking and Kids

Today, children and young adults snack more than they did 20 years ago. But the problem is not so much that they are snacking more - the problem is that they are snacking on more high-fat, high-salt, high-sugar, high-calorie, low-fiber, low-nutrient foods like soft drinks, sweets and chips. The result is kids that are taking in more calories than they did several decades ago. They are also getting less exercise. The end result of all this is an epidemic of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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