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Skinny People Need Exercise, Too

Timeless Health Tip

People who are naturally skinny often feel they do not need to exercise to stay healthy, but that isn't the case.

Skinny people need exercise, too

In a Canadian study, thin adults were less likely than heavier ones to develop heart trouble. The benefits of exercise are not just about maintaining a normal weight. Their discovery was that lean exercisers had good LDL levels, while those in lean and obese NON exercisers where higher. (Study is published in the International Journal of Obesity).

A London-based team embarked upon a study in which they measured the levels of cholesterol (LDL) in 37 lean exercisers, 46 lean non-exercisers and 28 obese non-exercisers.

Heart The study also suggested that for some people a low fat diet can help keep cholesterol levels down, while for some blood cholesterol stayed high no matter how thin they are.

What Constituted Exercise?

An exerciser was someone who took regular cardiovascular exercise, such as running or cycling, three times a week or more.

But, both studies concur that those with low levels of aerobic fitness were 62 percent more likely to develop heart disease than the very fit, regardless of weight.

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