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Your Scale

Timeless Health Tip

It's important to have an accurate scale to measure your weight loss efforts and success (think positive!) so here is a little information to help you pick out a good scale.

Looking at Your Scale

Scales come in three basic types. Those are:

  • Mechanical scales operate on a spring and lever system with a dial that registers as the spring stretches. This system has been used for almost a century and is reliable to within about one percent of a person's body weight.

  • Digital electronic scales use strain-gauge technology. When a person steps on the scale, an electrical conductor mechanism registers changes on the scale's display. Digital scales can be powered with lithium batteries, 9-volt batteries or through solar power. This type is slightly more accurate than mechanical scales. Multiple load cell scales and body-fat monitors are considered part of this category.

  • Calibrated balance-beam scales are similiar to those found in doctors' offices. They are available for consumers through medical distributors or specialty catalogs such as Hammacher-Schlemmer, but are pricey.

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