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Complaints on Weight Loss Companies

Timeless Health Tip

Complaints on Weight Loss Companies Alert

Complaints brought forth on weight loss companies!

Following is a list of claims made by weight loss companies that are likely to be bogus.

Be on the watch for the following types of claims promising you a miracle cure:

  • "Eat what you want and never, ever have to diet again"
  • "Capsules that burn fat while you sleep. Every morning you'll wake up weighing less."
  • "Amazing enzyme that 'eats' 900 times its weight in fat."
  • "You'll never be hungry. You will not be on any diet. You will not have to exercise. You will not have to sacrifice anything whatsoever."
  • "You can enjoy all these delicious foods like fried chicken, pizza, cheeseburgers, even butter and sour cream and stop worrying about the weight."
  • "Burn calories while you're just standing or sitting around doing nothing".
  • "Fat Trapper permanently blocks fat so that it can never be absorbed by your body - never!"
  • "Exercise in a Bottle works on a cellular level, forcing every cell in your body to work, whether you're exercising or not. And when your cells are working, you are burning calories or losing fat."
  • "Amazing fat pill ends hunger."
  • "Imagine losing as much as 50-percent of all excess fat in 14 days."

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