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Exercise Intelligently

Timeless Fitness Tip

That old saying, "Knowledge is power" holds true when it comes to exercising intelligently. Understanding why every body needs exercise, and what it all does for your body, is quite a motivation to get moving.

Smart Goals

Many simply believe that eating too much makes you fat. Others think eating too much fat makes you fat; neither is the case. While both circumstances do play a role, neither one alone is the sole cause of being over weight.

Even if you consumed no fat in your meals, which is almost impossible, you would still not reduce your current body fat percentage. In fact, as a natural part of the aging process, the average person loses 1/2-pound of muscle each year while simultaneously gaining 1-1/2-pounds of fat. This is because the average, normal human body literally was designed to be active, not idle.

Exercise intelligently So unless your daily activity involves a lot of physical activity, you must include a series of reasonable exercises, done on a daily basis, to burn off excess calories and to begin building lean body mass, or in other words, muscle.

However, the exercise schedule should be one that you can manage on a daily basis, is comfortable for you to stick with and fits safely into your own lifestyle.

Start out modestly, you can always turn up the heat when you begin to feel really fit!

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