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Five Minute Neck Pain Relief

Timeless Fitness Tip

Do your neck and shoulders ache at the end of the day? Things you do every day that may seem harmles can actually cause much tension in your neck. These include sitting at the computer, driving your car, or even curling up with a good book om the wrong position.

Walking Silhouette

Consider this: Your 12 to 15 pound noggin is under the pressure of gravity all day, with only the spine and tightly wound muscles for support. But don't worry - all you need for relief is five minutes a day of "active relaxation".

Here is a move to give your neck a break:

Lie on the floor with legs on a chair seat and a 1-1/2-inch thick book under your head. With neck parallel to ground, elbows out and fingertips resting against abdomen and keep chest open. Relax, but at the same time focus on the sensation of releasing the weight of your head and letting go of tension.

Neck Pain Exercise for Five Minute Neck Pain Relief

How about an angel stretch?

Extend your arms forward. Bend your elbows and place your fingertips on your shoulders. As you inhale, open your elbows out to the sides. Draw your shoulder blades together in the back of your body. As you exhale, bring your elbows forward and toward each other in front of you. You should feel your shoulder blades stretching in back of your body. Continue for three to six breaths as long as there is no real pain. This exercise should feel good as it releases tension from your neck and shoulders.

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