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Street Corner Workouts

Timeless Fitness Tip

Forget those high-cost gyms - go to the playground - it's included in your taxes, anyway! Hip-hoppers are using jungle gyms, swings, slides and other gear normally found on playgrounds to get a great outdoor workout.

Playground equipment for street corner workouts

Filmmaker Douglas Knox, who has worked out with park equipment for years, released "The Thug Workout", a 60-minute video set to music by hip-hop acts like DMX and Styles. This form of exercise is actually used in prison yards and could very well be the inspiration behind it.

Pull Up Bars You can incorporate all kinds of outdoor things such as pipe framework for pull-ups or push-ups on a basketball court. The idea behind the video is for you to watch, then replicate the exercises performed at a park or playground.

The hope behind the video is that it will help those who are fed-up or just plain tired of trendy workouts and high-cost gym memberships. The guys who show you the exercises on the video are just regular guys who use the very same equipment for a workout that they played on as children. Second childhood anyone?

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