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Using Nature to Boost Metabolism

Timeless Fitness Tip

Naturally boosting your metabolism comes from doing everyday tasks that will increase your metabolism. Here are a few suggestions:

Using nature to boost your metabolism

Don't practice a diet that is too low in calories. Anything under 1200 calories a day may help you lose weight at first, but in time you slow your metabolism. This is your body's way of going into "survival mode" as it thinks it must conserve calories. In addition, rapid weight loss consists mostly of water - and all too often, lean muscle mass. When you gain the weight back, you wind up with less muscle and more fat - not good! You want all the lean muscle mass you can get because that burns calories around the clock.

Just as you shouldn't go too low in calories, nor should you skip meals. This is sort of like depriving your metabolism of fuel, leading to the same detrimental effect of a diet too low in calories.

Take frequent walks - The more you move around during the day, the more calories you burn. If possible, take a five minute walking break around your work area (inside or out) every hour.

Exercise for 30 minutes or more - The body starts to dip into it's fat reserve after 30 minutes of continuous exercise. Your exercise pace should be enough for you to talk comfortably.

Nature - a Cheat!

Nature is a cheat. Calories in minus calories out equals weight, but people of the same age, sex, height and weight can have differences of as much as 1,000 calories a day in "resting metabolic rate" - one reason your neighbor's gluttony and your own starvation can result in the same readout on the scale. While people of normal weight average 25 billion to 35 billion fat cells, obese people can inherit a billowing 135 billion. A roll of the genetic dice adds more variety: At least 240 genes affect your weight.

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