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Timeless Fitness Tip

Definition of a workout-aholic: "A person with a compulsive need to workout on a regular basis, usually daily, for a number of hours."

Don't be a workout-aholic.

Many beginners' train feverishly under the assumption that more is better, especially when results first appear. However, you're much better off easing into the process. You will give your body the ability to adapt gradually, which makes for lasting gains. Quick fixes just don't last.

At first, your muscles are not ready to do a lot more than they were doing before - they're ready to do a little more. You increase your chances of success by moderating your activity a little bit.

The morning after a workout, you want to feel like you trained, but you don't want to have to crawl to the bathroom because your legs do not want to hold you up!

The Fat Burning Factor

To burn off one, 400 calorie, 20-ounce Starbucks Caffe Mocha (with whipped cream), you would have to swim laps for 40 minutes. To burn off one of Starbucks Chocolate Chip Cookies (also 400 calories) you would have to use the stair machine for 40 minutes. To burn off a Starbucks muffin at 450 calories, jog for one hour.

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Exhausted from being a workout-aholic

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