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Weight Loss Tips Scientifically Proven to Help You

Timeless Fitness Tip

A listing of many weight loss tips scientists have discovered to help you on your weight loss journey.

Check list of weight loss tips scientifically proven to help you

  • Keep a Food and Exercise Diary to track your progress.
  • Self monitoring is one of the best strategies for weight loss. It is a concrete way of reviewing and learning from your actions.
  • Cut back on too much TV-time and computer time. Decreasing inactivity may be easier than trying to increase activity. Aim for only one hour a day.
  • Brown-bag your lunch to control portions. You could lose about ten pounds in a year if you dine or order out just once a week instead of three times a week.
  • Eat at least one serving of fruit or vegetable at every meal. It is a great way to eat fewer calories and boost your fiber intake, which helps to fill you up.
  • Get support and inspiration, whether from a dietitian, weight loss program, friend, spouse or a resource such as a magazine or cookbook.
  • Eat Snacks. To keep your stamina up throughout the day, nutritionists suggest eating small snacks at regular intervals. Limit heavy lunches so you don't get a "food coma" in the afternoon.
  • Ingest Energy Boosters. Handy energy boosters include sunflower seeds, oranges, low-fat cheese sticks and vegetable juice.
  • Rest your eyes frequently by taking them off your computer screen and putting them on something else - the view out the window, your fake potted plant, cute delivery guy.
  • Frequent stretching throughout the day (sit and touch your toes, stand and bend to the side, etc.) will keep you feeling more refreshed.
  • Get Enough Liquids. Kill two birds with one stone - we should drink about eight glasses of water a day for good health. And the cool liquid (plus the activity of getting the water) will perk you up.

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