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Are You a Walker? Check Your Arm Swing!

Timeless Fitness Tip

If you're a fitness walker, you can speed up your stride simply by swinging your arms properly.

You'll also build upper body strength and may find that your hands don't swell as much as they would if you let them hang limp.

Walker? Check Your Arm Swing!

Walking for Fitness Manual

Try this: When you walk, bend your elbows at an 85 to 90 degree angle. When you can feel your thumb brush your waistband as your arms swing forward and backward, you've got it right. Also hold your elbows close to your body, not winged out. And don't punch; let your arms swing comfortably from your shoulders like a pendulum on a clock.

Walking is probably the safest exercise you can do. It does not require prior training or conditioning and does not involve a great deal of physical exertion in the beginning.

Studies have even shown that due to the design of our body, walking is more natural than sitting, standing or running and walking is not as stressful to the body as other exercises.


Grab our free printable walking chart to keep track of your walks! We also offer a free Walking Manual!

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