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Double-Duty Calorie Burners

Timeless Fitness Tip

Go for double-duty on your calorie burning efforts!

For the speediest results from your workouts, trainers suggest incorporating one or more of the following activities:

Rock Climbing for double duty fat burners

  • Yoga - You are almost constantly extending, lifting or balancing on your arms and legs, which strengthens all the major muscle groups - and a few more! You will discover muscles in places you didn't know you had some!
  • Rock climbing. Climbers use their arms to help pull, grip and position their body weight on the rock, quickly sculpting shoulders and biceps.
  • Martial arts. All the punching, blocking and striking require significant power and agility and works the arms from shoulders to fingertips.
  • Versa Climber. Imagine climbing a ladder in place and using your arms to pull down and push up with every step. It is a tremendous workout for your biceps, triceps and shoulders.

Touch Tone-Up!

Some of the best opportunities to burn some extra calories arise as you're talking on the phone. Stand up and do front, back or side leg lifts while you chat. Add ankle weights for greater toning and calorie-burning effects. Stand on tip toes for as long as you can until the muscle starts to burn. If you're on a cordless, walk throughout your conversation. Or grab a heavy can of food and do alternating bicep curls for tighter arms. For a firmer butt, lean against the wall and sit on an imaginary chair.

Double-Duty Calorie Burners from fitnfree on Vimeo.

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