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Abdominal Dissatisfaction?

Timeless Fitness Tip

Not getting the results from your ab exercises you would like? Results of a test done at San Diego State University, researchers think they have an answer.

They tested a large variety of ab exercises/workouts and discovered that the best ab exercise is the bicycle maneuver, which created almost 250-percent more muscle activity in the ab region than a traditional crunch.

Bicycle Exercise to help your abdominal dissatisfaction

Try the Bicycle Maneuver Exercise

  • Lie on a mat with your knees bent and lower your back and head against the floor. Raise your knees about six inches off the ground and move your legs in a continous cycling motion as you keep your upper body stationary.

More Advanced Exercise: Lift head off the ground while "Bicycling":
Bicycle Maneuver

Abs and Arms Together

To get a similar ab exercise that is very effective, consider a Rolling Ab Wheel Workout Tool# to build six pack abs and tone your upper body muscles at the same time.

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