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When we exercise, we lose sweat. Sweating is a healthy part of exercising.

Okay, so that's nothing new.

Water is important to sweating

Even on days we do not exercise, we are losing water from our bodies - about a liter a day. This makes it especially important that we have proper fluid in our bodies at all times. Through sweating, our bodies play a big part in helping the body detox and renew itself naturally.

Man exercising and sweating

This is also the body's way of cooling itself and keeping the body temperature normal.

It is always important to get enough liquid, but even more so before, during and after a work out or exercise session.

Depending on weather conditions and how hard you exercise, you can sweat off up to one liter of fluid for each 30 minutes of exercise. Start your workout by drinking eight ounces of fluid and re-hydrate every 20 to 30 minutes.

Do not wait until you feel thirsty - by that time you are already becoming dehydrated.

The best fluids to drink, besides water, include milk, fruit juice and vegetable juices. Drinks such as sodas, coffee and tea will contribute to your overall fluid intake, but may add unnecessary sugars and calories to your diet as well as caffeine.

New research indicates that fluid consumption (water in particular), can help reduce the risk of cancers of the breast, colon and urinary tract; help reduce childhood and adolescent obesity and improve overall health in the elderly.

Sweat Away Sickness

German researchers have found a potent germ killer right below the surface of our skin. This natural antibiotic, called dermcidin, is made in the body's sweat glands. Dermcidin bubbles to the surface when you exercise.

No one knows what works against cold viruses, but dermcidin does provide a measure of protection from some bacteria that causes common infections such as stomach or skin problems. Since bacteria live on everything from doorknobs to telephones, a daily does of perspiration could prevent your next irritation!

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