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Isometric Exercise

Timeless Fitness Tip

Isometric exercises are those in which a force is applied to a resistant object. A typical example is pushing against a brick wall. (See Wall Push Up)

Although there is a build up of tension in the muscles there is no actual movement. To increase strength it is necessary to maintain a position in any one exercise for between six to eight seconds. The exercise should then be repeated five to ten times, each time ensuring maximum muscular contraction.

Wall Push Up

A number of important points regarding isometric exercise need to be emphasized:

  • Any one isometric exercise will only increase muscle strength at one joint angle. To strengthen the other joint positions requires repetition of further corresponding exercises.
  • Isometric exercises on their own are not recommended for strength training. They must only form part of a complete exercise program.
  • If you suffer from heart disease or raised blood pressure you should stay clear of isometric training. During muscular contractions in this form of exercise, blood pressure can rise quite profoundly.

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