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Training Principles of Gaining Muscular Endurance

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Lifting heavy weights with low repetitions will develop strength. Dynamic muscular endurance is the opposite. You must do higher numbers of repetitions and with lower resistance.

Weights are a training principe of gaining muscular endurance

Dynamic muscle endurance is the muscle's ability to contract and relax repeatedly. An example of an exercise requiring dynamic endurance is the push-up. At some point, the muscles will become fatigued, and you will no longer be able to perform them.

If you can't do a push up in the full body position, no worries. Do the modified version until you feel stronger. Periodically, try a full body push up. Soon you will do one - then two, three and so on! It's actually pretty exciting to feel the strength building. Then seeing and feeling the proof in your own abilities. There can be little doubt in your mind that you did indeed grow lean muscle mass! This would be one of the simple training principles of gaining muscular endurance.

A muscle's ability to remain contracted for a long period of time is called static muscle endurance. It is usually measured by the length of time you can hold a body position.

For example using the pushup, if we measure the length of time a person can remain in the flexed arm position, we are measuring static endurance.

Man doing push ups

This means lowering the body in the push up position until the arms are in a ninety-degree angle parallel to the floor and holding this position as long as possible. Some activities requiring static endurance include handstands or standing in line for hours for concert tickets.

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