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If it takes you more than a half-hour to fall asleep, or if you wake up several times during the night, you may suffer from insomnia.

Getting Sound Sleep

When you are lacking in sleep you can experience many symptoms. You may feel tired and irritable, doze off at inappropriate times, unable to concentrate, suffering from decreased mental function, reduced reaction time and other bodily changes that, in turn, contribute to accidents and injuries.

Some causes of insomnia include depression, anxiety or pain. If you can find no such obvious cause, it could be you simply have developed bad sleep habits.

To rid yourself of bad sleep habits, experts suggest you establish a nightly ritual to let your body know it is the time to wind down for the day. A warm bath, some quiet time or meditation are some of the ways you can help yourself.

It is also a good idea to skip food and drinks close to bedtime, especially alcohol. Also, go to bed only when you feel ready to sleep. If you spend too much time in your bed, you can unintentionally train yourself to be awake in bed. Sleep experts call this an "automatic conditioning process".

Avoid intense activity three hours prior to bedtime. This could make you feel more alert and less able to sleep.

Healthy Sleep Support

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Herbal Help

For better sleep, place cotton ball with 1 or 2 drops of Roman Chamomile and Lavender next to pillow.

Freebie: Sleep Log

Download a free printable sleep log! (PDF file)

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