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Tips on Working Out

Timeless Fitness Tip

One of the best tips on working out is to go with variety. Just like food, you should mix things up. Don't do the same workout over and over. Your body only changes when you force it to, and it's remarkably quick to adapt to new stimuli.

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If you repeat the same workout every training session even for a month, your body can probably handle it without producing an adaptive response. If you feel like your progress has reached a plateau, that's probably exactly what's happening.

If you suspect over-training to be the cause of your plateau, then the best thing to do is take a rest. Taking a few days off from weight loss training might be exactly what you need.

When you do start up again, add a few new toning exercises. Try a new form of cardio exercise, etc. Plateaus can also come from adaptation; your body adapts to your new workout routine and no longer has any "response". It has become accustomed to it.

The best way to avoid plateaus is by arranging your workouts according to discrete phases designed to achieve different, but related goals, including muscle growth, strength and definition. That's also the best way to avoid overtraining.

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