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Looking for a Quality Gym

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We're going to give tips to guide you when you are looking for a quality gym out side the home. You could also consider a home gym option if you have difficulty finding a clean, reasonably priced, well staffed gym to join. Or perhaps you live in a remote area where it isn't always convenient to get to a gym. Weather, time constraints, long drives, etc., can keep even the best away from a formal gym environment.

Looking for a Quality Gym

Having said that however, a home gym is a whole different ball game. For now we're discussing finding a formal gym to join for your exercise needs.

Important questions to ask yourself when looking for a quality gym:

  • Does the gym staff have academic and life-experience education regarding weight training? They should at least have some sort of certification.
  • Is the gym clean and is the equipment well maintained? Check the seats on benches and machines and make sure they are stable. Make sure the cables do not appear worn.
  • Is the air in a gym fresh and well circulated? It should never smell stale or musty.
  • Is the temperature of the gym maintained at a level that won't increase the possibility of injuries? Temperatures that are too cold make joint and muscle injuries more likely.
  • Does the gym you're considering have any regularly scheduled follow-up evaluations of your progress? It's essential to find out if they offer an initial orientation to equipment you don't know how to use.
  • Does the gym have an emergency medical plan in place and are the staff members trained in CPR and first aid in case someone becomes ill or injured?

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