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Avoid Consequences of Late Night Eating

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There is no reason to believe a lop-sided eating schedule will lead to late-night eating - lack of exercise and consumption of additional calories can contribute to weight gain or an increased risk of obesity. For many of us, eating earlier is just impossible.

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What else can be done to minimize or avoid the consequences of late-night eating habits?

Eating Breakfast helps avoid the consequences of late night eating

Try these steps to avoid late night eating:

  • Do not skip breakfast or lunch. The best way to reduce late-night snacking is to eat adequately during the day.
  • Eat at least half your daily calories by early afternoon. People who dine late often find they are not hungry in the morning, making them more likely to skip breakfast. When you skip a meal this way, you tend to be more hungry when you do finally sit down to a meal and consequently, will eat more than you would otherwise.
  • Choose easy to digest foods. Vegetables, fruits, and small amounts of starches are your best choices.
  • Watch portion sizes and calories. This will ensure that your total calorie intake for the day is not out of line.
  • Replace three large meals with four smaller ones every four hours.
  • Go for a walk after you eat, if possible.
  • Turn up the lights! Studies have shown a small difference in lighting can affect how much people are likely to overeat, particularly among dieters.

Also note, your hunger pattern is determined by your eating pattern so although changes could be a little difficult at first, your body will adjust to a new schedule in short order.

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