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Low-Impact Aerobics

Timeless Fitness Tip

Many people, in an attempt to prevent hip, knee, and ankle injuries, indulge in low-impact aerobic activities.

Low impact aerobics do not require having your feet off the ground at the same time. The force from the transfer of weight is lessened and results in a reduction of stress on your joints. Exaggerated hand-arm movements and the use of hand weights - if desired, increase the heart rate without damaging the joints of the legs and feet.

Exercisers Doing Low Impact Aerobics Some of the more popular low-impact aerobics are as follows.

  • Aerobic dancing.
  • Water aerobics.
  • Inline skating.
  • Line dancing.
  • Brisk walking.

Low-impact aerobics are excellent for people of all ages and are especially beneficial to older adults. Many local community and adult education centers offer classes for low impact aerobics at a reasonable price.

As you can see from the list above, several aren't much different than just having some fun!

Healing Cardio

Not all aerobic exercise has to be pounding or punishing. You get plenty of benefit by swapping in a lower impact "healing" activity such as cycling, spinning, rowing, swimming, cross-country skiing), because these also promote endurance. In fact, varying your workouts by cross-training prevents injury and burnout, so you can stick to exercise long-term.
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