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Ten Quick Fitness Tips

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Ten Quick Fitness Tips to a More Fit You!

Following we are sharing ten quick tips that many have said helped them. We hope they will help you in your fitness adventures, too!

  1. Find an exercise buddy.
  2. Drink plenty of water.
  3. Begin to increase your exercise.
  4. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  5. Eat foods high in fiber
  6. Breathe deeply. Often.
  7. Schedule time for rest and play.
  8. Eat heavier meals early in the day and lighter meals later.
  9. Get plenty of sunlight, which supplies vitamin D.
  10. Give someone a reason to smile. Good relationships are healthy!

Did You Know?

Physical Activity Helps Ward Off Future Pain. Study participants who reported exercising three or more times per week were 28 percent less likely to have chronic widespread musculoskeletal complaints (MSC) 11 years later than people who exercised once a week or less, according to a study of chronic widespread MSC.

Symptoms of the disorder include having pain or stiffness for three or more months during the past year and for 15 or more days in the past month. Areas identified in the study included the neck, upper and lower back, shoulders, wrists and hands, hips, knees and ankles and feet. Your doctor can advise you about exercises that may help relieve pain if you already have MSC.

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