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The Benefits of Walking

Timeless Fitness Tip

Walking can be an aerobic exercise that conditions your heart and lungs. If done regularily, it can help lower your risk of heart disease.

Keeping your heart healthy lowers your risk of stroke as well. Vigorous intensity is good, but even moderate-intensity walking can have short and long-term benefits. In addition, by adding some exercise to your life, your can eat your usual amount of food and still lose the weight! For example, a 200-pound person who eats the same amount of calories but walks briskly each day for 1-1/2 miles could lose about 14 pounds in a year.

Person getting the benefits of walking Let's not forget other added benefits. Those include the following.

  • More energy.
  • Improved self image.
  • Increased resistance to fatigue.
  • Aids in relaxation and feeling less tense.
  • Improves your ability to fall asleep quickly and sleep well.
  • Tones your muscles.
  • Helps suppress your appetite.

Always check with your doctor, however, before beginning any type of exercise program, even walking, especially if you have one of the following health issues.

  • Heart condition.
  • Frequent pain or pressure in your left, or mid-chest area, left neck, shoulder or arm, during or after physical activity.
  • You have suffered chest pain within the last month.
  • You tend to lose consciousness or fall over due to dizziness.
  • Mild exertion makes you feel breathless.
  • You are on medication for blood pressure or a heart condition.
  • You have bone or joint problems.
  • You are middle-aged or older, have not been physically active for some time and plan a relatively vigorous exercise program.

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